Download the book

In addition to reading Poland in Transition online, you can download an electronic copy of the book. Choose a format for your e-book reader:

mobi, for Amazon Kindle (38 mb)
epub, for other ebook readers (15 mb)
PDF (16 mb)

Note: The files are rather large, because the book contains almost 100 photographs. If you have a Kindle reader, you may prefer to download a smaller version of the book in mobi or azw3 format below. (Use azw3 for newer Kindles and Kindle Fire tablets.)

mobi (8 mb)
azw3 (22 mb)

If in doubt, download the “full” version of the book (first link on top) and use Amazon’s Send to Kindle tool to deliver the book to your reader. All formats contain the same text and images. For details on various e-book file formats, see here.

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